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Quality Dental Implants, Brunswick Melbourne

Dr Gazelakis has trained under numerous international teachers in the field of dental implants, and is accredited by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry.
He is also a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Oral implants provide a state of the art alternative to crown and bridge work in the endeavour to replace lost teeth.

We also utilise Imtec (TM) mini implants in the stabilisation of dentures. This is the single greatest advancement in the provision of complete dentures in the last thirty years, and it provides critical relief to those suffering from mobile lower dentures.

We provide “All of 4” modality, as well as all on 5, 6 and even up to 8.

Mini Implant Denture Stabilisation

The Challenge

Denture wearers – new and experienced – know that the lower denture presents the most difficulty when adjusting to dentures. It can be frustrating trying to eat certain foods or speaking with confidence if your lower denture begins to float in your mouth.

The Solution

We offer a solution called a Denture Stabilization System, sometimes referred to as Mini Dental Implants (MDI). In most cases, this denture implant system can be completed in the same visit. In about an hour, you can be on your way with a secure lower denture and able to eat and speak much more confidently.

And most importantly, compared to traditional dental implant systems, the mini dental implant system is much more affordable.

We provide the latest techniques in denture stabilization with the use of mini –implants, designed to engage housings embedded in the denture base. Dr Gazelakis has trained under such lecturers as Dr Todd Shatkin from the US, and has regularly placed these fixtures, often in the lower jaw, providing advanced stabilization of an otherwise mobile prosthesis.
This is often a much cheaper alternative to regular implant therapy, as the patient can continue with the use of dentures, and mini-implants are considerably cheaper (less than half the price) of normal implants!

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